Case Studies

Armstrong World Industries

An in-depth study revealed the data given to an alternate supplier was incorrect, causing the supply rate to be 12% higher than it should have been. URA negotiated a refund of $51, 548. This also reduced the monthly cost by $10,000! Additionally, a sales tax study further reduced costs by $1,000 per month. On another account, an incorrectly applied rate resulted in overcharges and URA was able to negotiate a refund of $70, 211.

Dallastown School District

Initially, URA recommended the district should pass through some of the cost components of their bill, resulting in a reduction of their hourly rate by .015/kWh. This recommendation alone resulted in a savings of $165,000 in the first year. The next thing URA assisted the district with was PLC (Peak Load Contribution) management. We were able to reduce their PLC by 40%, resulting in a first year’s savings of $63,000. The district continues to save approximately $180,000 per year through their strategic partnership with URA. In 2014, URA audited Dallstown’s phone bills, resulting in a monthly savings of $350.

Goodwill Keystone Area

Goodwill Keystone Area has been a client for almost 20 years. Initially we reviewed their bills and obtained $20,000+ in refunds for sales tax overcharges and tariff rate changes. We currently procure both gas and electric energy for 57 different accounts and set up new accounts as needed. This year alone we have saved them over $50,000 on their electric spend.

Pine Grove School District

Similar to the Armstrong study, URA uncovered an error in data given to an alternate supplier. This had caused their supply rate to be 10% too high. URA negotiated refunds of $28,147 and a monthly reduction of $8,000. Credits for overlapping bills were received in the amount of $26,000. Additional savings through consultative efforts such as a rate change application and a shift in purchasing strategy totaled over $2,000 per month.