Utility Audits

Have you ever wondered if your utility bills were correct? Would you like to have a no-risk way to find out? We can help you with that.

URA has been auditing clients’ bills for almost 25 years. We are able to find issues that most folks wouldn’t even think of looking for. Sometimes we’re able to find a mistake that enables our clients to get a refund (occasionally small, oftentimes BIG). Other times, we’re able to correct a mistake or make a change that enables our clients to save even more money going forward – either way, you win!

What kinds of things do we look for?

• Tariff review of electric, natural gas, water and sewer bills
• Review monthly bills for correct charges
• Build a case to negotiate refunds
• Analyze usage patterns and profiles
• Evaluate other available rates
• Explore green energy options for energy efficiency and rebates

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