About Us

Utility Rates Analysts (URA) is an independently owned and operated utility auditing company that has been serving the Central Pennsylvania region since 1991. Our employees have more than 90 years collective experience in the utility industry. We specialize in utility auditing and in electric and gas procurement for our clients. URA does not set the generation prices that you pay; this is done by the electric supplier.

Contact Info:

Steve Cantore
Email: steve@utilityratesanalysts.com
Cell Phone: 717-648-6239

Mike Walker
Email: mike@utilityratesanalysts.com
Cell Phone: 717-810-6511

Jesse Cantore
Email: jesse@utilityratesanalysts.com
Cell Phone: 717-756-5037

Jeff Hoover
Email: jeff@utilityratesanalysts.com
Cell Phone: 610-703-1560

Manny Garcia
Email: manny@utilityratesanalysts.com
Cell Phone: 717-903-7514