Welcome to Utility Rates Analysts, the Robin Hood of the Utility Industry.


Utility costs are one of the biggest bottom-line costs for many companies. Our goal is to save you money on those costs. Our professional staff of analysts will review your electric, gas, water, sewer, and telephone bills looking for errors or ways to reduce costs moving forward. Some common errors include over-billing, over-taxation, or incorrect rates for your business. If no errors are found, the report is free and you have the satisfaction of knowing your utility bills are correct. When errors are found, URA is paid a percentage of the recouped funds. Either way, it is a winning situation for your company. Our clients include large and small businesses in manufacturing, local and county governments, grocery chains, entertainment venues, nursing and hospital facilities, non-profits and many more.

How URA Can Help You:

    • Reduce Utility Bills
    • Get Refunds for Overpayment
    • Manage Supply Costs
    • Lock in the Best Rates
    • Risk Management
    • Save Valuable Time & Money!